Want to lose instant pounds just before the beach party tomorrow? Try these debloating and camouflaging tricks that can take an inch or more off your waistline in 12 hours.

Drink water. Carbonated drinks and those with lots of sugar can blow your belly up like a balloon. If water isn’t enough, experiment with healthy smoothies!!

Skip the chips. Salt makes you retain water, especially before your period (for women). Processed and canned foods also tend to be high in sodium.

Don’t chew gums. Chewing gum can cause you to swallow excess air.

Get some coffee “to go”. If you’re feeling overdue for a bathroom session, studies show that a cup or two of coffee can get things moving.

Shape up underneath. Body shapers, or high-waisted spandex waist nippers and panties, can take off an inch or more. The more spandex (Lycra) they contain, the more control you’ll get. Note: Excess bulge can squeeze up and over, so avoid clingy tops.

Buy the dress that fits now. Forget sizes! No one will see the tag, but it’s too snug around your middle, you might as well yell, “Hey, check out my belly!”

Show off your strongest feature to draw attention aways from your tummy. Great arms? Go sleeveless. J Lo legs? Wear a shorter hemline. Sexy shoulders? Choose thin-or no- straps. If you prefer a dressy suit, choose a long jacket worn over a straight, slim skirt.

Wear “your” color. Don’t worry about what’s “in”; wear the shade that looks good on you. And keep your outfit monochromatic- same color top, skirt or trousers, and shoes- for an elongating effect.

Choose belly-slimming fabrics. Silks, rayons, knits, and nonclingy matte jerseys generally give best results.

Accesorize! Choose eye-catching earrings and necklaces or colourful scarves. They’ll draw attention to your face.

Step out in heels. This is one time when wearing high heels works to your advantage. They can make you look taller and thinner.